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getting a medical marijuana card online

Are you trying to buy your medical marijuana card online? Well, you are at the right place. Here, you can also buy the marijuana sellers license (permit). We provide full assistance for getting your medical marijuana card online You will not even need to displace yourself or stress for a second. We provide the cards for all eligible states and individuals. However, there are some requirements needed for an individual to be qualified for the marijuana card which are listed below;

  • Be 18 years of age or older or be a minor patient with parental consent.
  • Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition before trying to buy a medical marijuana card online. Click here to see a list of qualifying medical conditions.
  • Have the official written certification from a physician.
  • Be an Arkansas resident with proof of residency. (AR Driver’s License or AR State ID card).
  • State law prohibits members of Arkansas National Guard and United States Military from obtaining a registry ID card.

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The sale of medical and recreational marijuana is legal in marijuana legal states as long as a seller has a state and local license. However, there are some legal requirements needed to get a marijuana license for your business. To start the process of getting your license today, please contact us

buy medical marijuana card online

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