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Hi there, have you been looking to purchase a passport online directly without going to the passport office? You are at the right place to buy a passport online. When considering buying a passport, you have to know if you want to get a registered passport or a fake one. We provide you the chance to buy a real passport and a fake passport completely online. By the end of this post, you will know what you are paying for, what you will get, and how soon you will get it.

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A registered passport is one that has records in the government database and which can be useful for international travel without any problem. If you are wondering how to purchase a passport online that would be used for travel purposes, you are at the right place. This passport carries all the security features on it. It is scannable and also pulls up the owner’s details once the passport number is checked. You can easily check it using the ReadID – NFC Passport Reader. In any case, getting a real passport of a country gives you the citizenship privilege of that country. We provide real passports to a number of countries in this list.

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How To Get A Registered Passport

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To get a registered (genuine) passport online is a no joke thing and requires real information from the client. This is because it has to go into the system. Airport and other border police will want to see matching information on that passport and what’s in the system. If you are already a citizen of the country in question, you need to provide the following.

    • Proof of identity documents (which will vary in any country)
    • Biometrics
    • Passport size photo
    • Digital signature.

If you’re not a citizen, we advise you to go for citizenship at once which will come with all the supporting documents including; passport, ID card, driver’s license, naturalization certificate, etc. Understand that it’s impossible to get a real passport without proof of supporting documents unless it’s a fake passport. If you need this passport to be legit, we have to start by making its supporting documents.

Buy Fake Passport Online

Another thing you have to consider when trying to buy a passport online is if it’s real or fake as we said earlier. A fake passport will have no record in the system and you CANNOT use it to take flights. It is risky to use a fake or forged passport as there are severe sanctions for that. However, fake documents circulate for various reasons and every individual has a particular reason for possessing one. We give you the chance to order fake passports online but we do not provide any advice on using them.

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Our fake passports also have all the security features on them and they are made with real materials. The only difference is that the fake passport does not have any records in the system. They are also scannable and carry holograms and watermarks but cannot use them legally. Please check our disclaimer

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A passport is one of the most crucial that a person can possess. Not only does it help travel from one end of the world to another, but it also serves as an identification document that is valid everywhere. There is no place in the world that would not accept a passport as a form of identification proof as the information in the document has to be corroborated with other legal identification in their home country. So, the importance of having a passport simply cannot be overstated.

To buy a registered passport online is easier said than done. One has to jump through hundreds of loops, fill up several forms, and then show up for verification and interview process as well. You are not wrong if all of this seems like a hassle. In fact, many folks do not even apply for a passport unless they absolutely need to; such is the complexity of the process.  But what if there is a way one can get a passport online from the comforts of their home without even needing to move a muscle. Well, that is not completely true, as you still would have to reach out to us and send your documents, but that’s it. can help you buy a passport online without any of the hassles that are often involved with the application process. – your premier passport companion

We not only help you get an authentic passport without all the hassles involved, but if you want, you can also get a fake passport for various purposes from us as well. These passports are made in a way that it is impossible for anyone to distinguish them from the real ones, either through their naked eyes or even via the scanners that are present in the airport. Yes, these fake or forged passports would not have any entry into the system, but they can easily pass any manual inspection without any trouble. Regardless of your reason for possessing a fake identification document, we don’t ask and don’t tell. And if that is not enough, we also offer our services at a reasonable price.

For us, customer satisfaction is a matter of utmost importance. In fact, providing customers with 100 percent satisfactory solutions is not just a prime motivator for us but also the drive behind the work we do at So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us for your online passport requirements, whether it is to get a real passport or a fake one.

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We make sure you apply for a passport without any discomfort. Our executives will help you throughout the process and ensure you get your passport as soon as possible. So, make sure to connect with our team first if you’re looking to buy a registered passport online for your future trips.


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