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Lazar Andjelkovic

Manchester, United Kingdom

Absolutely Great!!!

Someone on telegram recommended me to this website and it hasn’t been a waste of time like others. I got what i ordered for and of excellent quality than i expected. Make use of this website guys they’re worth it.

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T Jay



I can’t give all my 5 stars because I am not happy. I have waited for more than the expected time to get my passport n you guys didn’t tell me about the extra $200 for shipping at the start. I was pinned to pay it because I had no choice and that’s not a good sign from you. The 3 stars are of course for delivering so thank you btw.

M Alves


Thans You Mucho

Sorry i’m making mi testimonio lately. I receive mi licencia 2 days ago but i wana mi police friend to check it first. he tell me the licencia is perfect good so thans you mucho mucho

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Very happy with all I...

Very happy with all the documents I’ve received. the quality is excellent the order comes on time the prices are for everyone happy with everything thankyou

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