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San Antonio


Puedo decir que tuve uno de los peores casos y no vi ninguna posibilidad de obtener una residencia. con una orden de deportación pendiente, ya perdí la esperanza y acabo de aceptar la fe para seguir escondiéndome y trabajando con poco dinero. Bueno, mi vida cambió cuando conocí a estos muchachos y transformaron todo por completo y me ayudaron a obtener mi residencia a pesar de los problemas que tuve. Estoy muy feliz de recomendar este sitio web a cualquier persona en mi tipo de situación.



Green card

I’d like to personally take out time to tell everyone trying to get a Green card that this are the best place to seek help. I started my journey since 2017 and i’ve worked with 3 lawyers already they said my situation is very complication and they ended up taking money and doing nothing. I was recommended to this website and when i contacted them and told them about my case, they explained to me step by step how they would help me and i decided to give another chance with them than giving up. I am happy for the decision i took with them because i’ve got my Green card and will be making my second visit back home thanks to my GC. All thanks to docx4you.com i am very very happy i have seen my parents again after 22 years.

Heather Hutchison

Toronto, Ontario

They’re good so...

Well, i’ve been able to get what i ordered for here for the first time since i started searching for reliable documents provider online and being scammed many times. this website unveiled the mask of doubt i been wearing for years now because of so many disappointments. they have proven worthy to be recommended and deserve my ratings. great support

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Richard JR

Denver, CO

10 stars

Thank you for your tremendous help with my Green card. I am overwhelmed with joy!! many many tanks Amigos

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